IMAGINE! Blake Griffin back at OU

Friday, July 29th 2011, 4:02 pm
By: News On 6

Bring Blake Griffin back to OU!

It could happen. Keith Leventhal pointed this out to me today. It's the weirdest thing that I would have NEVER thought of: NBA players going back to school during the lockout as full-time students and working as "Student Assistant coaches".

That title is open for all students who keep their grades up and want to be a part of the team. Some of the privileges that a Student Assistant Coach gets: playing with the team.

It's BRILLIANT. NBA guys going back to college, working out in the high-level facilities that they would not have access to otherwise because of the work stoppage, and balling with some of the other great players in the league.

It's a win-win for everyone.

Image Blake Griffin back in Norman. Those top tier NBA guys that still have college eligibility left need to stay in shape and be ready for the NBA season to resume. Kevin Durant could go back to Austin. When OU and Texas meet this winter, imagine looking at the benches and seeing KD and Blake looking fierce in their suits. Imagine how much better the current players would be after going up against Griffin in practices. They'd learn A LOT!

I think it's an awesome idea. There really isn't anything that can be done to stop it either. As long as these NBA guys keep their grades up over a full course load (probably 12 credit hours or so depending on the university), they can act as if they are still a student athlete and get all the perks of being back on campus.

It's not like they can't afford a semester of school now that they're all making millions. Coaches get grade-A talent to run with in practice and the current players have someone to bounce ideas off of.

It kind of makes me want to go back to school myself.