Creek County Deputies Uncover Large Marijuana-Growing Enterprise

Friday, July 29th 2011, 2:31 pm
By: News On 6

Emily Baucum, News On 6

CREEK COUNTY, Oklahoma -- The Creek County Sheriff's Office was at the scene of a large indoor marijuana bust Friday afternoon.

Deputies took about $150,000 worth of marijuana off the streets and the man deputies say was behind it all.

"We talked to a couple neighbors and they didn't have a clue," said Corporal Kevin Haney of the Creek County Sheriff's Office.

The boarded up windows hid a sophisticated marijuana growing operation, run by a man who actually lives in Tulsa County.

"It was a very quiet place. They would see him come in once or twice a week. Stayed for only 30 minutes and then he would leave," Haney said. "They definitely spent some time here because there were a lot of cigarettes and a lot of paraphernalia."

Deputies say when they walked in the place reeked of pot.

"At this residence we've got about 250 plants. There's quite a bit of money involved," he said.

Officers say the rule of thumb: one plant is worth one pound of pot on the streets. Around here, one pound will go for about $600. That's $150,000 for the whole garden.

"It was a very nice set-up. They had a lot of lights, a lot of water," Haney said.

There were also at least a dozen jugs of hydroponic chemicals to help the plants grow. Officers estimate the owner also spent about $5,000 on rotating lights in the garage.

"It disperses the light and the energy and the water so they don't have to sit here and man it on a daily basis. They can just come and check on it from time to time," Haney said.

From potted plants to marijuana hanging from the ceiling -- it appears every room in the house was part of the hydroponic experiment -- even the kitchen sink.

Police also served a search warrant Friday evening at David Shuck's home -- the suspect who is now under arrest. It's his primary residence and they found more marijuana inside