Slight Chance Today

Tuesday, May 31st 2011, 5:36 am
By: News On 6

We're tracking two separate areas of thunderstorm activity this morning.  The first area is along the northern OK-southern Kansas state line and the second is across far southwestern OK.  Movement is basically east around 30 to 40 mph.  The northern OK activity is moving northeast.  There remains a slight chance that some of this northern activity will back build more south as it moves eastward this morning.  Some storm activity seems likely for Bartlesville early today, and the Tulsa metro may see a few showers and storms this morning with a slight chance of additional development later as afternoon highs move into the upper 80s.


A weak cold front will be nearing the area later today and outflow boundaries from the early morning storms may also play a slight role in redevelopment of isolated storms this afternoon.  Short term model data doesn't appear to be handling the storm activity very well, so I'll disregard the output at this hour.


NSSL 4 K data is suggesting a repeat of morning storms Wednesday across the western portion of the state.  Some of this Wednesday morning activity may slide into the far northeastern sections of our viewing area Wednesday, but the chance remains low.


The medium to extended data support a mid level ridge building into the southern plains soon.  This will bring the heat into the lower or even mid 90s with very humid conditions.  Heat index values will be nearing or slightly over 100 by the end of the week.


A weak easterly wave is expected to develop this weekend and move near the Arklatex region bringing a slight chance of late afternoon storms to mainly eastern OK.  I will keep the probability on the low side for now, but we'll be watching the data closely.



Fill in the blank:


While driving southbound on the Indian Nations Turnpike Sunday afternoon, a large turkey on the side of the road___________________________________.


  1. was spotted doing jumping jacks.
  2. took flight in the majestic southern OK sky.
  3. jumped into the path of a F150 and destroyed the passenger side mirror in the process.


If you choose option 3... you are correct!


We took a little trip to the Kiamichi's this weekend and had a super great time.  We were about 8 miles from the Antlers exit when my wife noticed a large turkey on the side of the road.  About a half a second later, the bird took flight and hit our passenger side mirror.  It sounded like a cannon and the poor thing ripped the passenger side mirror totally off the truck.  The incident was unavoidable.   

On the way home that evening, I was extremely vigilant of the large number of deer that were on the side of the road.  We counted at least 15!  Thankfully, they all decided to stay on the side of the road and we made it home safely.