Mr. Deja Vu

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:33 pm
By: News On 6

Originally Published: Feb 7, 2011 6:37 PM CDT

Start the rumor now. </p><br/></p>I&rsquo;m nicknaming Tulsastar Justin Hurtt, &ldquo;Mr. Dj Vu&rdquo;. It seems like all the senior knows how to dois make big time shots. </p>&#160;</p>Over and over again. </p>&#160;</p>Evidence #1: Twoweeks ago, Hurtt hit a jumper against SMU to give Tulsa the lead with just ahandful of seconds to play. TU ultimately lost at the buzzer, but you can&rsquo;tblame Hurtt. </p>&#160;</p>Evidence #2: Threedays after his heroics against the Mustangs, Hurtt did it again. He nailed aclutch 17-footer against defending regular season champ, UTEP. His shot won thegame for Tulsa and provided a huge confidence booster to a team thatdesperately needed it. </p>&#160;</p>Evidence #3: On cue, justthree days later, he stared down a Memphis defender, blew past him and hit anawkward leaner off the glass to give TU a lead in the final seconds. </p>&#160;</p>Starting to see whatI mean?</p>&#160;</p>Evidence #4: His mostrecent eye-popper came on Saturday night at home. He rose up, top of the key,with just nine seconds left and buried and 3-pointer. The shot forced overtimeand Tulsa eventually won, thanks to his 22 points. </p>&#160;</p>Add Houston to hislist of victims.</p>&#160;</p>He&rsquo;s out of his mindat home as well. Hurtt is averaging ridiculous numbers at the Reynolds Center(and one night at the BOK Center).</p>&#160;</p>In 13 total games, he&rsquo;saveraging 22 points per game. That&rsquo;s by far the most of any Golden Hurricaneplayer. Hurtt has scored 30 percent of the team&rsquo;s total points six times inthat span. </p>&#160;</p>And he&rsquo;s doing it inthe clutch. </p>&#160;</p>The past six gameshave all come down to the final 90 seconds for Tulsa. </p>&#160;</p>If they need anotherclutch bucket, guess who&rsquo;s taking it</p>&#160;</p>Mr. Dj Vu.</p>