Alamo Bowl Prediction Time

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:31 pm
By: News On 6

Originally Published: Dec 29, 2010 5:0 PM CDT

Time for an Alamo Bowl prediction.&#160; We&rsquo;ve listened to the talk.&#160; We&rsquo;ve heard about the Cowboys being distracted by Holgorsen leaving for West Virginia, Quinn Sharp&rsquo;s academic issues and Blackmon pondering his NFL options.</P>&#160;</P>Often times in these games you worry about a team that is disappointed by dropping to a lower bowl than they had hoped for or anticipated.&#160; The Cowboys certainly fit that category.&#160; OSU was aiming for Fiesta or Cotton before Bedlam.&#160; Instead, they&rsquo;ll rumble by the Riverwalk for the third time since 1997.</P>&#160;</P>There are several intangibles such as these pointing in the Wildcats&rsquo; favor.&#160; But I&rsquo;m still not buying it.&#160; I just don&rsquo;t think Arizona can slow down OSU.&#160; This is not your Mike Stoops OU defense of 2000.&#160; </P>&#160;</P>Arizona gave up 48 points to Oregon and the Cowboys are comparable offensively to the Ducks.&#160; In fact, more prolific in some categories.&#160; If the Pokes can score 35, I don&rsquo;t see the &lsquo;Cats being able to match that.&#160; Arizona has scored over 35 points in only 3 of 12 games this season.&#160; And it&rsquo;s not like the Pac-10 is loaded with the nation&rsquo;s great defenses.</P>&#160;</P>OSU has been a close nit group all season long.&#160; They&rsquo;ve been bonded by proving wrong all of the naysayers who picked the Cowboys 4th or 5th in the Big 12 South.</P>&#160;</P>I think Orie Lemon will have about 15 tackles and Justin Blackmon catches 10+ passes for 150 yards.&#160; I&rsquo;m a bit worried that Mike Stoops has installed the same defensive priciples that OU used to slow Kendall Hunter in the Bedlam game.&#160; But Mike doesn&rsquo;t have the defensive personnel his brother Bob does.</P>&#160;</P>Predicition:&#160; OSU 42&#160; Arizona 33</P>&#160;</P><BR/>