Blake Needs Our Help!

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:31 pm
By: News On 6

Originally Published: Dec 28, 2010 4:32 PM CDT

We&rsquo;ve gotta do whatever it takes to get Blake Griffin into the NBA All-Star game!&#160; Can&#160; you imagine what he might do in that game which always deteriorates into a non-defensive game of one upsmanship?</P>&#160;</P>Set your DVR and get ready to make a million dollars off DVD sales.&#160; He might dunk with his forehead or rip the rim entirely away from the backboard.</P>&#160;</P>Let&rsquo;s get together a campaign to stuff the ballot boxes.&#160; He&rsquo;s gotta play.&#160; Forget the slam dunk competition.&#160; I&rsquo;m already giving him the title if he chooses to take part in that thing.&#160; Griffin needs to play in the game itself.</P>&#160;</P>All-Star games traditionally struggle to attract television viewing eyeballs.&#160; Why wouldn&rsquo;t they want to have the guy who holds down a nightly spot in ESPN&rsquo;s top-plays.&#160; Heck, they&rsquo;re finding ways to work in Griffin dunks even on nights that his team is idle.</P>&#160;</P>First off, he&rsquo;s deserving.&#160; He&rsquo;s averaging 21 points and 12 boards per game.&#160; 19 straight double-doubles.&#160; Only Shaq and David Robinson have had better starts to their rookie season in the last 25 years.</P>&#160;</P>Throw in the fact that Los Angeles will be the site of the All-Star game and I think it&rsquo;s even more of a must.&#160; The Lakers are the official host, but the rookie who shares the Staples Center has played better than any of the defending champs so far this season. </P>&#160;</P>Get online and vote for Blake.&#160; The Clippers don&rsquo;t have many fans (not counting billy Crystal and Penny Marshall).&#160; He&rsquo;s gonna need all the help he can get.</P>&#160;</P>&#160;</P>&#160;</P>&#160;</P><BR/>