Sperry Family Calls Bin Laden's Death 'Justice' For Son, Brother Killed On 9/11

Monday, May 2nd 2011, 9:30 pm
By: News On 6

Emily Baucum, News On 6

SPERRY, Oklahoma -- Many who lost loved ones on 9/11 never believed they'd hear the words "Osama bin Laden is dead."

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It's been nearly ten years since Naval Petty Officer Brian Moss went to work and never came home, since his family buried him at Arlington National Cemetery.

"The night before, he called me. He called just about every day," Patsy Moss, Brian's mother, said. "We always ended with 'I love you' and 'I love you too.'"

"It took them eight days to contact us. We waited eight days," Billy Moss, his father, said.

Eight days of not wanting to believe; knowing their son was probably dead; hoping it was all a dream.

But the funeral bell tolled. Their 34-year-old son Brian, who loved the Navy, loved working at the Pentagon was gone in a flash of smoke and fear, all because of Osama bin Laden's plan.

"Evil," Brian's father said. "You go to the dictionary and look up evil, his picture will be beside it, or it should be."

They learned about bin Laden's death Sunday from a phone call. American forces finally killed the terror mastermind.

"He said, 'They got him. He's dead. Osama Bin Laden's dead.' I was stunned," Angie Moss, Brian's sister, said.

"When I saw it and saw bin Laden was dead, I was glad. It was justice for Brian," his mother said.

It sounds cliché to say 9/11 changed the Mosses lives forever, but it truly did. They work tirelessly to keep Brian's military legacy alive, all so innocent victims get the last word.

Pasty Moss, Brian's mother: "I'm glad he was killed the way he was killed. If he'd just been wounded and captured and brought back, it would be all about him."
Billy Moss, Brian's father: "Martyrism."
Pasty Moss, Brian's mother: "Yeah."

"I didn't have all those anticipated feelings that I thought I would," Angie Moss said. "All the emotions coming back from September 11th that I've tried to tuck away or put in the back of my head."

A victory for America, a victory for Brian and all 9/11 victims, but in this house in Sperry, Oklahoma, a world without Osama Bin Laden doesn't bring closure.

Patsy Moss, Brian's mother: "Ending a chapter."
Billy Moss, Brian's father: "In the book of life."
Patsy Moss, Brian's mother: "In the book of life."

Knowing Brian and thousands of others never got a chance to finish their books.

Brian Moss also left behind a wife, son and daughter who now live in North Texas. A training center at Arlington National Cemetery will be renamed in his honor. All recruits who walk those halls are required to learn Brian's story how he lived and how he died.