Documents Detail Tulsa Councilor's Request For Investigation Into Mayor

Wednesday, March 2nd 2011, 9:34 pm
By: News On 6

Emory Bryan, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- City Councilor John Eagleton claims Tulsa's Mayor is unfit for office and ought to be removed for official misconduct.

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The claims, against Mayor Dewey Bartlett, are in a letter to the Governor asking her to start a process that's laid out in state law.

Read the letter and supporting documents

Fallin's office says there's no timeline on her decision.

Bartlett will only say: "To my knowledge, the issues outlined in the letter have been previously discussed and resolved, with the exception of one, which is pending review by the City auditor."

Eagleton makes 10 specific claims against Bartlett, including:

  • Took donations without approval and accepted gifts from city contractors
  • Failed to attend meetings and fill vacancies on city boards
  • Attempted to trade political support for personal financial gain
  • Lied to the Council
  • Spent city money on his wife
  • Recruited people to file lawsuits against the City Council
  • Demanded the resignation of a City Council staffer

In a 243-page document, subtitled "Getting Rid of Dewey", Eagleton backs up his claims.

The documents show the Mayor attends 8% of the city's board meetings in which he's the city representative and has left dozens of board positions vacant

The documents repeat other claims by the council and contain, without evidence, new allegations that Bartlett recruited plaintiffs for lawsuits against the City Council and offered to trade political support with cash involved

The process Eagleton wants is an Attorney General's investigation, leading to a civil trial to determine if Bartlett is guilty of official misconduct.

If Fallin doesn't order the investigation, Eagleton says the law allows him to gather signatures and force the issue, which he says he also plans to do.