Car Stuck In Tulsa Snow Stolen By Fake Good Samaritans

Tuesday, February 8th 2011, 3:59 pm
By: News On 6

Tara Vreeland, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- The blizzard of 2011 brought out the best in Oklahomans.

Neighbors helped neighbors, drivers pulled over to dig stranded motorists out of drifts.  But not everyone has good intentions.

Kyle Bradley didn't think twice of accepting help when his car got stuck in a snow drift near 61st and Union.

"There was a spot where some cars had pulled out. I tried to back in because it was a lot lower there. Cut it too sharp, got high centered," he said.

After he was unsuccessful at freeing his 2001 Silver Honda Civic, Bradley welcomed some helping hands.

"A white Mercedes-like SUV pulls up behind me. Man and a woman get out. They look completely normal, like they should have been driving the white Mercedes," he said.  "The guy suggested him and I push the car while the lady gives it some gas."

But his relief was soon replaced with shock.

"I'm standing there thinking alright, you can turn around, you can turn around and then by the time I realized she got to the top of the hill, she wasn't turning around," he said.

By the time he realized what was happening, the man had gotten back in the Mercedes and driven off.

Bradley said his car wasn't as valuable as what was inside:  his wallet, cash, and expensive ski and work clothes and tools.

"I was speechless," he said. "I stood there for about two minutes thinking she might be coming back and then no, it didn't happen."

Bradley filed a police report but all he can do is hope his car turns up. He says both the man and the woman appeared to be in their thirties. The woman wore an OU sweater.

"The lady had dark hair. But it was orange blonde like she's bleached it blonde and messed up on the bleach," he said.

He said he learned to be wary of those willing to help.

"I don't know if you'd want me to say what I'd want to say to the people that stole my car but to other people I would say don't let anybody in your car. Just stay in it and let the other people push," Bradley said.

Bradley said his car has a Chicago cubs sticker, a University of Central Oklahoma parking sticker and a snow mountain ranch and YMCA of the Rockies parking sticker.  The license plate number is 203-GKB.