Mapping Out How Tulsa Plows The City's Streets

Tuesday, February 8th 2011, 3:48 pm
By: News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- We now have a better understanding of how the city of Tulsa plows the city's streets.

Over the years Tulsa's Public Works Department has developed a map book that divides the city into 35 distinct snow plow routes. 

Each map page contains one route, which also comes with a written description and hot spots that the plow driver should be mindful of along that route.

You can see all 35 routes by clicking here.

For example, Route 7 includes Yale from Pine to 121st Street South.  The map locates the bridges, hills and schools along the route which includes 58 lane miles.

But many of the maps are not that simple.

Most are like Route 14.  It covers Union, west to 57th West Avenue and 31st Street North, down to Charles Page Boulevard.  Route 14 includes 50 lane miles.

Again, you can see all 35 routes by clicking here.

The blue lines indicate the city's snow routes.

All of the plow drivers have copies of the map book so they can be sent to which ever route needs attention first.

Paul Strizek, City of Tulsa Public Works Manager, said when he first started working in the department 33 years ago, the city used hand-drawn maps that were not very detailed.  In fact, back then the city did not own a single plow.

He says the department is working on upgrading the map system, which will hopefully translate to even better service.