Tulsa City Council To Consider Advertising As A Revenue Source

Tuesday, December 14th 2010, 8:05 am
By: News On 6


TULSA, Oklahoma -- The Tulsa City Council is considering at its Tuesday meeting, the idea of selling advertising space on city owned property.

It's just one of several ways the City of Tulsa has been looking at ways to generate more revenue.

It the city council approves, you'll likely see ad's pop up all over the city.

The whole idea is making money to help ease the city's budget problems.

When you talk about property owned by the city, which immediately creates a lot of options. Especially for advertisers who are looking for ways to market their product.

If approved you could see the ads pop up in parks, on city vehicles and even on trash cans. You could say this is a win-win deal for a business trying to market its product.

Mike Bunney is the city's Economic Development Director and he is working with councilors G.T. Bynum and Chris Trail on this proposal.

"A lot of cities in the country have done this successfully and so the city council should at least look into that and talking that over and see if it's a possibility for Tulsa," said Mike Bunney.

This wouldn't be for just any business. There are limitations.

At this point, the council's looking at its options. Bus benches are some locations where you could find ads. The city of Tulsa's fleet of non-emergency vehicles would be included.

"The city council I think would need to undertake some restrictions or talk about what restrictions we'd want to put on it," said Mike Bunney.

Bunney says that other cities don't advertise tobacco products, people who have lawsuits pending against the city or products that could be offensive.

Bunny isn't sure how much money the advertising could raise, but he points out that bigger cities like Orlando, Florida have found it can bring in millions of dollars.