Oklahoma's Own: Sapulpa's Historic Burnett Mansion Gets Modern Day Makeover

Tuesday, November 30th 2010, 3:44 pm
By: News On 6

Craig Day, News On 6

SAPULPA, Oklahoma -- Lots of people drive past an Oklahoma landmark on Main Street in Sapulpa. But you may never have had the chance to go inside the old Burnett Mansion, or heard the story behind it.

That is until now.

At 320 South Main in Sapulpa, there sits a monument to Oklahoma's old oil money, a home nearing the century mark.

"He spared no expense in building the home and the home has been kept in the original shape since the 1911 time period," Scarlett Firey, property manager, said.

Bates Burnett made his fortune in oil. He wanted the finest home in Oklahoma for his family.

"He moved here and wanted to build a home that really reflected his southern style and culture that he was accustomed to," Firey said.

Style like the hand carved columns outside and the mahogany stairway inside. The 6,500 square foot plantation style home has Tiffany stained glass windows and fixtures, cut glass windows and doors.

"There's a lot of distinct elements that you can find in the home that you can't find anywhere else in the world," Firey said.

Although a lot has changed in Sapulpa around the Burnett Mansion, not much has changed inside.

"This is my favorite picture because you can really see the house hasn't changed much at all," said Firey.

What has changed are the owners. The Firey family bought the home a couple of years ago. They spent eight months repairing water and fire damage.

"We started on the first floor and sort of worked our way up to the third floor which was in the worst shape," Scarlett Firey said.

All the while, preserving what makes the home special, from the hand painted canvas walls, to the bedrooms and baths, and the 2,500 square feet of porches and balconies.

There's one room in particular that's unique about the historic home. It's basically a 1911 man cave, where Mr. Burnett could hang out with his buddies, smoking, drinking, playing cards, talking politics. It has its own entrance from the street, and Mrs. Burnett insisted on pocket doors so she wouldn't have to know what went on.

But perhaps the most unique part of the home is a surprise awaiting visitors on the third floor. A ballroom with a spring loaded floor.

"It's very good structurally for the home though, and it gives you a good spring in your step," Firey said, laughing. "Mr. Burnett was a stickler. He always wanted the liquor flowing and the music playing."

While the Burnett family once hosted frequent social events with many of Oklahoma's early movers and shakers, it's now used for about 100 events each year, mainly weddings.

Taking people back in time in an Oklahoma landmark home still standing tall.

The Burnett Mansion is open for holiday open houses from six to nine the first four Thursday evenings in December.

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