OU vs. OSU: Living In A House Divided

Saturday, November 27th 2010, 11:59 pm
By: News On 6

Lacie Lowry, News On 6

BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma – A family of five from Broken Arrow knows what it's like to live in a house divided. Mom is an OSU fan, dad is an OU fan and their three kids are caught in the middle.

Tim and Michelle Salmon are a team, a unified support system for their kids, but only for 364 days of the year. the break formation for one day: the Bedlam showdown.

"Very crazy, very much part of bragging rights in a huge way," said Michelle Salmon.

"I raised all my kids right. They are all OU. But my wife, I don't know what happened," said Tim Salmon.

With so much on the line this year, including a trip to the Big 12 Championship, the Salmons couldn't stop running their mouths.

"We get our jabs in every chance that we get. Every day, every time it's on the news or we read something about it," said Michelle Salmon.

The couple has been married 21 years and have three beautiful kids. But things get pretty ugly each November.

"How does that saying go? Poke Choke? Or Choke Poke. I don't know, something like that," Tim Salmon added.

The Salmons invite family and friends over to watch the game every year, but even the extended family is divided.

"I actually grew up an OU fan and then," said Tim's sister Amy Mann. "I actually ended up at Oklahoma State, so ever since then, I've been an Oklahoma State fan and kind of divided the family."

With a rivalry like this, how did Tim and Michelle ever find wedded bliss? Tim claims he had no idea Michelle was an OSU fan when he married her.

"It kind of evolved as we were married. I don't know if she was trying to get back at me or what," added Tim with a laugh.

Now, the family will focus their sights on Christmas and getting into the holiday spirit. But even decorating the Christmas tree is a battle because dad wants crimson decorations and mom wants orange.