Tainted Eggs Could Still End Up On Oklahoma Grocery Store Shelves

Thursday, August 26th 2010, 7:51 am
By: News On 6


UNDATED -- Eggs from that massive salmonella outbreak could still end up on a store shelf in Oklahoma. 

The recalled eggs are now being sent to egg processing facilities, along with fresh ones that infected hens are still producing. 

The eggs will be cooked, pasteurized and used in products like ice cream and mayonnaise.  And while you may not want to eat the eggs, the F-D-A says it's legal to use those eggs in other products and safety experts insist there is little risk to consumers. 

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From an economic viewpoint, the price of eggs may be going up.

Wholesale egg prices are up 40 percent since the start of the recall.  For consumers, that increase may soon be seen a supermarket near you. 

The number of recalled eggs is staggering, 550 million so far.  That's only about one percent of the number produced nationally. 

Analysts say prices will go up if people keep buying eggs, but if demand decreases, so will the price. 

So how do you know the eggs on your store shelves are safe to eat? 

First, cooking eggs kills salmonella.  If you cook them at 160 degrees or higher until the white and the yolk are firm, you should be fine.  But if you like your eggs runny, you need to be certain what type of eggs you have.  

Second, know where your eggs are from.  Most stores have signs up at the egg section, explaining their eggs are safe and why. 

And third, if you buy local or organic, you should be okay.

For more on egg and egg product safety information, the federal governmnet has more detailed information.