Stillwater Musician Turns Science Into Song

Friday, August 13th 2010, 3:28 pm
By: News On 6

By Dan Bewley, The News On 6

STILLWATER, OK -- An Oklahoma man is teaching kids the joy of science through song.

Monty Harper says science is for everyone and it doesn't have to stay in the lab.

"This is a straight forward way to purify proteins," Wouter Hoff, microbiologist, said.

This is what you expect in a science lab, beakers full of mysterious liquids and scientists forging new discoveries.

Monty Harper has put those discoveries to rhythm. The Stillwater musician is working on a unique project: an album for kids, all about science.

"Science is fun and exciting and understandable, approachable," Harper said.

His goal is to show kids that science is more than just work in a lab, it's finding cures for disease or even new sources of energy.

"People generally don't pay that much attention to it and I'm like, 'this stuff is cool.' Beyond being important it's just interesting and cool," Harper said.

Most of Harper's songs are based on research being done by scientists at Oklahoma State University. They say learning about science can help kids in all aspects of their lives.

"If they're interested in science and learn about it they learn how to critically think and logically think," Hoff said. "It helps them make decisions throughout their life."

Monty's songs aren't just about science but Oklahoma as well. Every one of his songs focuses on something science related happening right here in our state.

Acrocanthosaurus is about a dinosaur, the state dinosaur," he said.

It costs money to produce an album and for that Harper is turning to The website helps artists raise money to pay for their project.

For Harper, it'll go to the production and distribution of the album. Without the help, he says, the project may not get off the ground.

Harper hopes his music opens the door to a new world for kids, a world full of discovery and wonder.

Harper has until August 21st to raise another $3,000.