Three Muskogee Men Accused Of Molestation

Friday, July 23rd 2010, 11:32 am
By: News On 6

By Craig Day, The News On 6

MUSKOGEE, OK -- There are two shocking molestation investigations underway involving teachers in Muskogee.

One case involves an assistant high school wrestling coach. And now a man who has taught private music lessons to kids for more than 20 years faces accusations.

Although separate cases, police say both involve showing porn to kids.

Muskogee police arrested Michael George Dunn, who now faces two counts of lewd molestation. The 43-year-old, who police say has taught private piano and vocal music lessons for 21 years, is accused of showing pornographic images on his home computer to a 13-year-old boy.

"Thankfully, this young victim was brave enough to come forward and was brave enough to do the right thing," said Cpl. Pedro Zardeneta, Muskogee Police Department.

Police say the crime occurred at Dunn's home where he gave lessons. Court records show Dunn showed the teen pornographic images, including ones depicting homosexuality. Investigators don't know if it is an isolated case.

"Anytime you have someone with those types of charges that has access to that many juveniles, you can suspect there could be more victims out there," said Zardeneta.

Considering Dunn's lengthy teaching history, investigators encourage any concerned parents to contact police.

"If a parent suspects something, or a child makes a mention of something to a parent, perhaps a child is uneasy talking about that person, contact our investigators here," said Zardeneta.

In a separate case, police arrested Donaco Watts, who is charged with two counts of lewd molestation. Watts is an assistant wrestling coach at Muskogee High School. According to court records, he made lewd sexual advances toward a teenaged girl and showed her porn on his cell phone. 

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The men each face felony counts, which carry a three to 20 year sentence if convicted.

"If these men are found guilty, then at least they are off the streets and away from children," said Zardeneta.

Muskogee Police arrested a third man on lewd molestation charges early Friday morning. Michael Merrifield, 61, is accused of making sexual comments to a teenaged boy, following him into a bathroom at Honor Heights Park and trying to pull his shorts down.

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