Fans React To Big 12 Breakup

Friday, June 11th 2010, 6:20 pm
By: News On 6

By Dan Bewley, The News On 6   

TULSA, OK -- Sources say the Sooners will move to the PAC 10 but will wait to make that announcement until the University of Texas reveals its plans. Texas will meet to discuss its future on Tuesday, so the Sooners could be on the move early next week.

Still, the Big 12 breakup has Tulsa talking. OU and OSU fans are anxiously waiting to see where or if even if their schools change conferences.

It's a busy week for the guys at the Sports Animal.

"New information coming out every single day," said Kevin Ward, The Sports Animal.

Conference realignment has been the only thing sports fans want to talk about.

Colorado to the Pac 10, Nebraska to the Big 10, and who knows where OU and OSU will end up.

"I love it," Ward said. "I don't care where they go."

So fans looked for bargains and pondered their teams future. Some want to keep the status quo.

"I think they should stay with the Big 12," said Rick Phillips, an OU Fan. "Or whatever number of teams there is and OU and Texas."

Others are wondered about long road trips.

"I mean, OSU fans don't want to go all the way to Washington to watch a game," said Anthony Mayberry, an OSU fan.

While some say the change is good for the school's pocketbook.

"If it helps fund, at least, the smaller sports I think it would be a good thing," said Justin Jones, an OU fan.

Former Oklahoma State football coach Pat Jones says the change could be the first step to a playoff system in college football.

"What we're seeing, I think, is the future of college football what it ultimately is going to end up being," Jones said.

He also believes the best for OU and OSU is head west and join the Pac 10.

"I personally think this Pac-10, whatever we end up calling it, alliance is really a good thing," Jones said. "I think for both Oklahoma schools, I think it's a good deal."

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