OK Ends Tax Credits for Electric Cars, 'Zapping' Dealers

Monday, June 7th 2010, 11:14 am
By: News On 6

Chris Howell NewsOn6.com

TULSA---‘My name is John Esche, if you want a heck of a deal on a Miles electric automobile, it's time to buy right now.'

John Esche sounds like a car dealer, but his cars aren't like other cars.

‘This is a pure electric automobile,' said John, ‘its whole propulsion unit is through batteries. You plug it in each night, just like you do a toaster on a 110 circuit, it totally charges overnight and naturally there are emissions of any type with an electric car.'

One great thing about these little cars is the amazing tax credit you receive when purchasing one. 50% of whatever you give for the automobile can currently be used towards an Oklahoma State tax credit. But last week Oklahoma announced they are ending the tax credit.

‘They have now abolished that as of July 1st of this year, it just happened a couple of days ago and naturally it's not too good for our business plan,' said Esche, ‘You go and you build your business model, all these factors--the credits etcetera all become a portion of the way you plan, and when suddenly out of the blue zap you lose it? It's not very fair!'

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