Oklahoma Cowboys Return To Normal Life After 'Amazing Race'

Monday, May 24th 2010, 3:37 pm
By: News On 6

By Tara Vreeland, The News On 6

TUPELO, OK -- Oklahoma is known for its severe weather, its song, and its football teams. But it's most recently been recognized as the home of two of the more famous cowboys on the planet, Jet and Cord McCoy.

How has life changed since the two competed on "The Amazing Race?"

News on 6 Anchor Tara Vreeland met up with the Cowboys at Cord's ranch in Tupelo.

It sounded like a lot of fun. That's what brother's Cord and Jet McCoy said lead them to pull on their boots and pack their bags for a race around the world.

The reality show relay took the cowboys out of their southern Oklahoma comfort zone.

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But neither the Professional Bull Rider nor the former saddle bronc rider shy away from a good challenge.

Reality television came knocking at the perfect time. The PBR World Finals had just wrapped up in Vegas and the horse show season had slowed.

"If you moved it two weeks in either direction we wouldn't have been able to go on the race," Cord said. "We'd missed Christmas. I know. You can't miss Christmas. I like Christmas."

In the end, they took second place, missing out on a million dollar prize by mere minutes.

But now that the show is over, the brothers from Ada say nothing is as sweet as home sweet Oklahoma.

"But that's the cool thing about Jet and I, whether we won a million dollars or not we got to come back and live in southeast Oklahoma and do what our dream is," Cord said. "You know I never wanted to be anything but a cowboy. It don't cost a million dollars to work on the ranch, it's worth more than a million dollars to me."

"It's funny. They call it reality t.v. and me and Cord always talk about coming home and getting back to reality," Jet said. "If we won the million dollars, we'd still come back and be cowboys. We could just afford it. I think having those values and being from Oklahoma is a big help."

Since the show's finale, the Cowboy's have shot out of the chutes on a wild ride of fame.

"I only get a hard time about once a day from somebody. I agree with Jet in that every event I go to they'll be like 'man I seen you leave that coconut and people screaming at the t.v. and everything else," Cord said. "We get a little bit of a hard time about it. Like Jet said, it hasn't stopped yet. Even a stop at the truck stop yesterday, it took me 30 minutes to fill up diesel.

"I went to Tyler, Texas and was standing in line and a lady came up behind me and had this big cheesy grin and asked me if she could cut," Jet said. "So yes we still get a hard time on the regular."

A joke here and an 'atta boy there, but it's back to work for the McCoy's.

Married with a daughter, Jet is back in the saddle training reining horses. And Cord is back on the bull, traveling with the PBR.

"They are the exact same people they were before they left," Sara Best, Cord's Fiancée, said.

Cord is also about to tie the knot. His fiancée Sara says she and Jet's wife Ashley loved watching the rodeo around the world.

She says she's thrilled to take advantage of a not-too-shabby second place finish prize, where chaps will be traded for suntan lotion.

"I'm really excited about Maui because that will be our honeymoon," she said. "We might have to fight Ashley and Jet for that but I think we are taking claim."

Whether it's raising and riding bucking bulls or training horses or a stint on a reality show, it's Oklahoma where these cowboys and their cowgirls hang their hats.

"Regardless of whatever else we do, I think we'll always come back to right here eventually," Jet said.

As part of their second place prize package, Cord and Jet each won a sailboat. They say they can't wait to set them up on the ranch so they can watch the Oklahoma sunsets.

When asked if they had thought about what to name the boats they said "Oh My Gravy" and "Hello Guru" sounded pretty good.