Hatchet-Wielding Man Shot By Tulsa Neighbor

Tuesday, June 30th 2009, 7:36 am
By: News On 6


TULSA, OK -- A pair of shootings keep Tulsa Police busy overnight on both the west and east sides of town. 

In the first incident, a Tulsa man is shot multiple times after chasing another man down the street with a hatchet.

The incident happened around 12:30 p.m. near 4th Street and 41st West Avenue.

Tulsa Police say two men got into a fight over a woman. As the fight got more intense, police say one of them took out a hatchet and chased the other man down the street.

The man being chased began pounding on a neighbor's door for help. That's when police officers say the neighbor came out shooting.

"That man, who had the concealed carry permit, drew his 9-mm semi-automatic pistol, firing several shots, striking the man with the hatchet more than one time," said Tulsa Police Sgt. Clay Ballenger.

Officers say the shooter was hit in the head with the hatchet, but is expected to be okay.

The man who was shot was taken to a Tulsa hospital. Police say his injuries are not life threatening.

Over on the eastside of Tulsa, an unrelated shooting sends another man to a Tulsa hospital.

This shooting happened around 12:20 a.m. Tuesday at the Meadows Apartments at 2800 South 116th East Avenue.

Tulsa Police say the victim didn't live at the apartments. Officers say he was shot one time in the stomach while outside an apartment. His injury, according to police is not life threatening.

The victim was talking to police, but they say he wasn't being very cooperative about what occurred.

No one has been arrested in the incidents.