Tulsa Kidnapping/Assault Incident Ends With Arrest

Tuesday, May 26th 2009, 7:46 am
By: News On 6

By Lori Fullbright, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- It was a terrifying night for a man who only wanted to help his neighbor.

Wally Henry was watching a war movie Monday night when someone frantically rang his doorbell in the 5900 block of East 27th Street.

He had no idea that would be the beginning of a four-hour ordeal of being held hostage in his own living room.

Wally Henry married the love of his life nearly 54 years ago and the two of them raised two fine sons.

She went into a nursing home about four years ago and Henry hired his next-door neighbor, Amy DeVoe, to clean house for him.

So, when DeVoe showed up on his doorstep Monday night, hysterical, he let her in.

"She says, ‘hurry, hurry, call 911, hurry, hurry, call 911, call 911,'" said Wally Henry.

Henry never got a chance.

DeVoe's boyfriend, Paul Stock, crashed through the front door and slammed Henry into the dishwasher, then punched him in the face, the whole time holding a butcher knife.

"He was waving that butcher knife around all night and had it up to my throat once and boy, I was scared to death," said Henry.

Stock held Henry and DeVoe hostage for four hours.

Henry says he spent most of that time praying for God to save their lives, trying to calm down Stock and looking for a way to get the upper hand.

"I looked at that little teddy bear, thought I could get that and hit him, but if I miss, he's going to kill me," said Henry.

He says he tried to convince Stock to turn to God, but Stock wouldn't listen. Instead, he talked about all the people he was going to kill and started calling his friends, telling them goodbye.

Finally, he took some pain pills and police arrested him.

Henry is very thankful his wife wasn't home for the ordeal and believes his prayers were answered.

"I've got faith in the Lord and the Lord got me through this," said Henry.

Paul Stock, an ex-con, faces half a dozen new felony charges.

Records show Amy DeVoe had a protective order against him, but dismissed it last month.

Henry says he'll feel safe as long as Stock is behind bars.

"I hope they put him so far back, they have to pipe sunlight to him," said Henry.