Tulsa Sees Record Number Of Rainy Days

Thursday, May 14th 2009, 5:30 pm
By: News On 6

By Chris Wright, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- Thursday morning marked the 20th consecutive day of rain for the Tulsa area.  It was a record setting event.

The old record of 13 days was shattered a week ago.  No break from the rain means no chance for people to mow lawns, or accomplish much of anything outside.

"This year, I did not see this coming.  It's been an early start, then a late start and it's slowed us down," said Andrew Martin with Lawns by Nature.

Thursday afternoon, Andrew Martin tried to take advantage of a break between downpours.  He runs a lawn care business, and says there's plenty of demand for his services, especially with graduations and weddings around the corner.

But, he and his employees are having problems finishing or even starting many jobs.

"You can hope for patience, and in between rains you can impress on your customer that you're trying to take care of them," said Andrew Martin with Lawns by Nature.

It's a different story at Shades of Brown in Brookside, where coffee drinkers are riding out the record rainfall indoors.

"We like being here. It's good to be inside when it's raining, and outside when it's not," said Tulsan Ayschia Saimeh.

The coffee shop says plenty of people are following suit.  So the rainy weather, while depressing, is a boon for business

"We're staying busy.  We keep making the drinks, and people keep crowding in and staying out of the rain, so it's been good," said Melinda Borum with Shades of Brown.

Lawns by Nature says it takes solace in the fact that it can't keep raining forever.  And, while records are made to be broken, the company hopes this one stands for a while.     

The current streak breaks records set back in 1957 and 1935.