High Water Keeps Strang Couple At Home

Tuesday, May 5th 2009, 4:21 pm
By: News On 6

By Jeffrey Smith, The News On 6

STRANG, OK -- Dozens of homeowners are partially trapped because rising flood waters from lakes around northeast Oklahoma.

The home of Scott and Audrey Martin in Strang is surrounded in six feet of water and there's more to come. But, the Martins say they're not going anywhere, because there's nothing like home sweet home.

When the water stopped pouring down, Scott Martin knew it'd be coming up.

"We're going to buy another house soon. We're about tired of the water," said Scott Martin.

Surrounded by water and with no boat, Martin is trapped, but doing just fine.  He's tending to his house with his wife, Audrey.

Martin has dealt with floods before.  A few years ago the runoff from the Grand River swept over his porch.  But, as long as he can see the duck, he says the house will be fine.  Martin says he's enjoying the solitude.

"We fished all weekend," said Scott Martin.

They say every man's an island. This week, his house is one, too.

Scott Martin says there's seven feet of water surrounding his property, and he expects it to rise another inch before it's all over. But, he says as long as the water level doesn't rise above his duck sign, it won't enter his house, and he says he's got nothing to worry about, except spending a few more days at home with his wife.

The News On 6 also spoke to homeowners near Rogers Cove in Pryor, who say they're partially trapped because many county roads are submerged.