Tulsa Sets Up Website To Track Stimulus Money

Friday, April 24th 2009, 4:18 pm
By: News On 6

By Dan Bewley and Scott Thompson, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- The city of Tulsa is tracking stimulus money.   City leaders launched a website on Friday and called it a work in progress.  But, they say residents will eventually be able to follow every penny from the economic package.

City leaders say it's hard to tell exactly how much stimulus money Tulsa will be awarded.  But, they say as it happens city residents will be able to keep tabs on where it's spent.

Harvard Avenue between 11th Street and Admiral is just one place the City of Tulsa plans to put stimulus money to use.   Throw in Mohawk Boulevard, training for firefighters, more police officers, even the Port of Catoosa and the city has hundreds of millions of dollars on its wish list.

"Most of the dollars over the next five months or so will be known, allocated, grants will either be approved or denied," said Chief Economic Development Officer Mike Bunney.

The city says once the money gets here it should be easy for residents to track.

"So we'll be using the website to track everything from the time that we know the money's available to the grant process to the applications and then how much is awarded," said the city's Kim MacLeod.

Tulsa's version of online economic transparency was launched this week.  The website shows how much money will be going to various departments, such as public safety or transportation.  It also shows whether the money has been awarded or is just available.

"Ultimately we'll have more of a description of what those programs will do and where the money will go and how the money will be used," said the city's Kim MacLeod.

City leaders are asking for patience, saying as they get a better idea of how much money is headed to Tulsa, the website will improve.

"I wish that there was a spreadsheet I could hand you today that says exactly what all is going to happen, but it truly is a process," said Chief Economic Development Officer Mike Bunney.