Stable Job In Unstable Times

Wednesday, March 11th 2009, 4:51 pm
By: News On 6

Margaret Stokes & Chris Howell

TULSA, OK-- Despite so many lay-offs, there is one career that seems untouched by the down economy. That career is nursing. Tulsa Community College offers a certificate program that can be completed in just six weeks.

Times are tough, and with the Oklahoma unemployment rate climbing, starting a career in the healthcare industry is a promise of stability in an unstable time.

TCC offers a number of certificate programs that can jump start you into a new career quickly, a career that is always in need of more employees.

The Certified Nurse Technician and Patient Care Technician programs are both entry level to TCC's nursing program. Both programs have been around for some time, but in this economic climate, the six week transition into a new career is becoming more and more appealing.

"We really decided that this would be a great way for individuals to get experience in the health care field so they could go out get the certification and begin taking care of the patients immediately," said Lisa Watkins, Associate Dean for Nursing Division.

"People want to go get jobs immediately maybe because they've been laid off or a second career and they've looked at healthcare because healthcare is always available," added Watkins.

Denise McClarrinon just started the program, and hopes her new career choice will end her streak of lay-offs.

"I worked for Verizon for almost eight years. I got laid off. Then I went to IBM and got laid off. For the past three years I've been laid off three times so I decided to go ahead and start a new career," said McClarrinon.

John Welton has spent time as a chef among other jobs, and he too is starting over.

"Sometimes you have to take a couple of steps back in order to get to where you want to in life. You hear it everywhere that in healthcare its unlimited earning. If you're someone who likes to learn and you're someone who stays energized by that you have an unlimited amount of growth and an unlimited amount of opportunity to succeed," said Welton.