3 More Wells Near Locust Grove Have E. Coli

Friday, March 6th 2009, 3:49 pm
By: News On 6


LOCUST GROVE, OK -- Three more private wells near Locust Grove have tested positive for E. coli, the state health department announced Friday.

Hundreds in the area were sickened and one man died last summer after an E. coli outbreak. The outbreak was thought to have originated at the Country Cottage restaurant, but no definite cause has been determined.

At least 17 other private wells previously tested positive for E. coli. Of the 10 additional wells that were sampled, nine tested positive for total coliform bacteria and three tested positive for E. coli.

While the Department of Environmental Quality's free sampling is no longer available, the agency recommends that private well owners chlorinate their wells and test their water at least annually.

There is a $21 charge for bacteriological analysis of a private well.  Residents who are interested can call (405) 702-1027 for supplies. 

Information on well maintenance and disinfection is also available at the DEQ Web site.