Twin Hills School Officials Ask For Help After Fire

Sunday, March 1st 2009, 10:54 am
By: News On 6

OKMULGEE COUNTY -- Teachers and staff at Twin Hills Public School are asking for donations of supplies and money after a fire destroyed their school.

Twin Hills Public School, near Beggs, caught on fire at about 7 a.m. Friday, February 27.

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State Fire Marshalls said Friday they may not know the cause of the fire until Monday. No

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students were in the building and no one was injured in the fire. Students are out of school for their spring break. They have several three-day weekends in a row instead of one long break.

School officials are asking for the following items to help them get back on track:

Crayons Paper Clips
Pencils Plastic Containers (Shoe Box Size)
Ink Pens Post It Notes
Markers Construction Paper
Rulers Paper
Staples Glue Sticks
Staplers Hand Sanitizer
Erasers - Dry Erase Kleenex
Dry Erase Markers Clorox Wipes
Scotch Tape Baby Wipes
Tape Dispensers Band Aids
Scissors Paper Plates
Pencil Sharpeners Trash Bags

School officials are asking for the following items for the school's nurse:

Band-Aids Lysol
Children's Tylenol Hydrocortisone Cream
Ibuprofen Zip Lock Bags
Eye Drops Hydrogen Peroxide
Benedryl Motrin
Thermometer Vaseline
Q Tips Tongue Depressors
Cotton Balls Sore Throat Spray
Anti-Itch Cream

Monetary Donations can be sent to:
Morris State Bank
800 W Ozark
Morris, Oklahoma 74445

C/O Twin Hills School


Supplies can be sent to:
Twin Hills School
7225 Twin Hills Road
Okmulgee, Oklahoma 74447


Drop box is also located at Wal-mart at 111th and Memorial-Tulsa