Protesters Attend Tulsa Tea Party

Friday, February 27th 2009, 7:04 pm
By: News On 6

By Emory Bryan, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- A Tulsa Tea Party Protest is held over high taxes and increasing government spending. It was part of a national movement against federal bailouts and the stimulus bill.

A lot of people who have never publicly protested anything showed up to express their anger over how Congress and the president plan to spend our money.  They came armed with protest signs and ready to shout for the cause.

The group is united against more government spending.

"They are bankrupting our children and I just don't see how they're doing it.  It's a fantasy to say you're going to be able to spend that kind of money and keep it up," said protester Dee Dobson.

The rally attracted several hundred people despite the cold.  While local and state government leaders are asking for a piece of the stimulus, these people want it all stopped.

"The federal government has gotten out of hand, taxes are on the rise and spending is absolutely out of control," said protester Art Curtis.

"Repeal it, scratch it, take care of it, get rid of it," said protester Willis Friend.

The people at the rally believe they've struck a nerve and tapped into a movement against the growth of government.

"This is not a one time deal, one shot; this is a huge movement," said Tulsa Tea Party organizer Jai Blevins.

Jai Blevins organized the rally, primarily through internet groups and local radio talk shows.  He encouraged people to bring tea bags and pork rinds to symbolize high taxes and Washington waste.

"We're all just tired of it, we're fed of it.  This country has been going in the wrong direction for a long time and the stimulus and the bailout bills were just the final straw," said Jai Blevins.

No one is sure what will happen because of the protest and the others around the country, but all at the rally believe they are making a difference by showing up and joining up.

"You have to start somewhere and we're starting here today," said Betsy LeBleu.

About 200 people showed up for a similar protest at the Oklahoma Capitol.  The Tulsa and Oklahoma City protests were two of about 40 planned for across the country on Friday.