Experts Find More Of Cori Baker's Remains

Monday, February 16th 2009, 5:24 pm
By: News On 6

By Lori Fullbright, News On 6

CREEK COUNTY, OK -- Additional remains of teenager Cori Baker have been found. Police believe Baker was murdered by her sister's boyfriend.

Some of her remains were found last fall, but not near enough to prove a cause of death, which investigators would like to have before trial.

So, experts from across the country are in the Tulsa area, doing a more detailed search.

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Police have high hopes for the search because they've brought in volunteers from NecroSearch International. It's a non-profit group that specializes in searching for clandestine graves.

They bring unique specialties to the job. They have experts in animal scavenging, how different animals damage and scatter remains.

Anthropologists help determine if remains are human or non-human and archeologists bring a unique perspective to searching and reconstructing events.

They even have people who can use roots and stems of plants, along with insects, to tell how long ago the ground was disturbed or a body decomposed.

One of their experts is Clark Davenport, a geophysicist. Davenport is an expert in using remote sensing, things like radar, sonar, electromagnetics and thermal imaging to locate hidden graves and evidence.

He has worked on investigations in 24 states, four countries and for every major federal agency, including FBI, Secret Service and DEA.

John McPhail is also helping with the Baker search. He's a former police officer and forensic nurse who's also an expert in verbal judo, tactical communication.

They are volunteers who only ask local agencies to reimburse their expenses.

One of the team members was instrumental in finding the remains of Molly Bish, three years after she disappeared.

She was 16-years-old and kidnapped from her summer job in 2000. Three years later, searchers found her remains in a rugged, rough area, five miles away.

Tulsa police say the terrain they are searching for the rest of Cori's remains, at a paintball park, are similar and they hope the experts will be as successful here.

Experts did have some success. They found an additional rib bone and some teeth, but still nothing to tell them how Cori Baker died.

The volunteers also helped with a search in Oklahoma City this weekend and are headed to Colorado and Arizona next.

Remember, the experts all have jobs, this is their volunteer work. But unfortunately, there are plenty of cases to keep them busy.