Video Of Thieves Committing Crimes Posted Online

Monday, January 19th 2009, 5:27 pm
By: News On 6

By Lori Fullbright, News On 6

TULSA, OK -- People are fed up with having their cars broken into, so some of them are fighting back. They are catching the thieves on video and then posting that video on the web.

Video was taken by a South Tulsa man who then posted it on in YouNewsTV. The video was taken on New Year's Eve. It shows two men breaking into his SUV and then taking his GPS and DVD player.

The men came prepared. One is wearing a backpack, a way to carry their loot.

Another video was taken by a homeowner in Mid-Tulsa the same week and it also catches car burglars in action. She posted the video on YouTube for her neighbors to see.

John Allen is one of her neighbors.

"The YouTube link circulated to all the neighbors, so everybody had a chance to look at it and everybody checked their cars right away too," said John Allen.

About six neighbors had been hit. Unfortunately, no one recognized the men in the video.

Neighbors found it unsettling to see the crime unfold right before their eyes.

"I think there were three guys who brazenly walked up the sidewalk of a very well lit driveway at 4:00 in the morning and just went about their business. It was frightening," said Allen.

Allen says fewer neighbors are now parking their cars outside and more people are leaving lights on all night long. Plus, many neighbors now take their walks very early in the morning so they can watch for suspicious people.

"The fear is these guys will get tired of nickel and dime stuff from our cars and end up getting into one of our houses," said Allen.

The point of posting the video online is twofold - first, to get the thieves identified and second, to shame them.

Police say the most important thing to do to stop car break-ins is don't leave anything of value visible inside your car. Of course, always lock your doors and if you have an alarm, set it.