The Six Greatest Jenks-Union Showdowns

Thursday, December 4th 2008, 4:40 pm
By: News On 6

By Kyle Dierking, NewsOn

UNDATED -- Jenks and Union will play in the Class 6A State Championship game Friday night. Here's a look at the six greatest Jenks-Union showdowns:

#6 1994: Jenks 37, Union 30

Early on, it was a Redskin romp, with the home team putting up 23 points in the second quarter. Much like many future Union-Jenks match-ups, this one was far from over. A second-half comeback by the Trojans gave Jenks a 37-30 win.

#5 2007: Union 43, Jenks 42 OT

Just last season, a Chapman Stadium crowd of more than 20,000 witnessed a tide turning tale of the extra point. With the game tied in overtime, the Trojans scored on fourth down but the point after was blocked. Union's Jeremy Smith tied the game and Tress Way kicked the PAT. The Redskins win by one.

#4 1998: Union 55, Jenks 45

It was one of the highest scoring Backyard Bowl bouts. Danny Morris rushed for 209 yards and six touchdowns, while Josh Blankenship threw for 230 yards and two scores. There was more than 1,100 yards of offense between the two teams as Union came out on top of the points parade.

#3 2005: Jenks 48, Union 44

Number three featured another scoring shoot-out, Union was leading 44-41 with 18 seconds remaining. Game over, right? Wrong. The Trojans Isaac Norman caught a pass, and took it 64 yards into the endzone. Jenks won 48-44.

#2 1999 STATE FINAL: Jenks 14, Union 7

A sold out crowd of more than 40,000 at Skelly Stadium saw Union win the yardage battle 333-175, but the Jenks defense did the job. The Trojans topped Union 14-7.

#1 2000: Jenks 41, Union 37

Numero Uno. Remember, just when you think it's over, it's not even close. Union scored to take the lead in the waning seconds of the Backyard Bowl. Game, set, wow...Kejuan Jones ran an 80 yard pass into the endzone as time expired...He had 307 yards of total offense as Jenks was jumping for joy...