Good Questions Answered About DTV, Drillers Stadium, I-244 Bridges

Tuesday, November 25th 2008, 7:21 pm
By: News On 6

By Emory Bryan, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- News On 6 viewers have a lot of good questions.  A wide ranging set of questions, in fact, from watching baseball to watching television and keeping watch on the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

One viewer wanted to know what will happen to Drillers Stadium after the team moves downtown.  Expo Square CEO Mark Andrus says there have been no serious talks yet about what to do with the property.  He says after the new commission takes office in January, it's likely to be discussed then.

Another good question came in about why ODOT resurfaced several miles of Interstate 244, but skipped over the bridges which are in obvious need of repair.  ODOT answered that question by confirming the 244 resurfacing project is almost done.  The bridges haven't been touched, but three of the westbound bridges are due for $4 million worth of repairs that will start next year.  According to ODOT, it would have caused too much congestion to do the road and bridges at once.

"This is going to be huge project for the area and to have that going at the same time as the resurfacing, that would have led to a lot of driver frustration and confusion, so that's why we have broken this up into two projects," said ODOT's Kenna Mitchell.

Another viewer asked whether anyone is helping older viewers convert their televisions to receive the digital signal.  The answer is no and yes.   

There is no coordinated effort to go out and help elderly people hook up converters, but the Consumer Electronics Association has a guide targeted just for that audience.  It explains how to make the connections in plain language and is designed for younger people to help their parents make the conversion.

Click here to see the guide. For more information on the digital television conversion, click here.