Creek County Grass Fires

Wednesday, November 19th 2008, 2:39 pm
By: News On 6

By Ashli Sims, The News On 6

CREEK COUNTY -- Creek County homeowners are breathing a sigh of relief after grass fires came dangerously close.  Fire crews spent Wednesday afternoon fighting as many as four different blazes in the area near Kellyville.

The unseasonably warm weather and high winds became the perfect ingredients for wildfires.  And, they left a charred path through Creek County, stretching for hundreds of acres.

"Last time they got right here on the edge of my property, right in here. And right over here on the backside. It cleaned out where the trees are. Pretty close," said Creek County resident Todd Gollihare.

SkyNews 6 showed the smoke pouring into the skies and just how far the fires reached across the Kellyville area.  Crews poured in from Bristow to Berryhill and Slick to Depew to help Kellyville firefighters battle the flames.

"It moves quick. It really moves quick.  Once that wind gets up not much more you can do than watch it and find the next place you can beat it at," said Creek County resident Todd Gollihare.

Fire swept across the field leaving hay bales black and smoldering.  A metal barn was also gutted by the flames.  Fire fighters say it was the only structure that was lost.  Although, two homes gave them some worry.

"We've had a few structures in danger, but we've taken care of em and it really hasn't been too bad," said Bristow Assistant Fire Chief Charles Conkling.

Fire crews set several back fires to try to fight the fire on their terms.

"It's really tough when we're fighting it on the fire's terms off in the woods. But, if we fight it on the outside of the tree line, we've got a bigger advantage.  It's a lot easier for us," said Bristow Assistant Fire Chief Charles Conkling.

These homeowners were glad the fields and pastures took much of the brunt of the flames.  And, they're thankful for the hard work of firefighters and their fellow neighbors.

"Kellyville's a great community. All my neighbors are out here. And, volunteers are out here from various places. And so, everybody comes together and grabs their fire rakes and they really do a good job," said Creek County resident Todd Gollihare.

No homes were lost and no firefighters were injured.