Couple Found Shot To Death

Monday, November 10th 2008, 9:57 am
By: News On 6

By Chris Wright, News on 6

CRAIG COUNTY, OK -- An older couple is found dead and police believe they were murdered.

The bodies of 67-year-old William Huls and his 66-year-old wife, Leona, were found Sunday. Both had been shot inside their rural Craig County home, north of the tiny town of Welch.

Craig County officials say the Huls were shot during an armed robbery, but there is reason to believe the suspect may have known the couple.

The Huls did not show up for church on Sunday and when a family friend checked on them, he found their bodies inside.

"For someone to do a crime like this, it's pretty bad," said Sheriff Jimmie Sooter, Craig County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Jimmie Sooter says there were no signs of forced entry and the house was not ransacked. Instead, one door was found unlocked and Leona Huls' purse was the only item missing from the home.

"It's a terrible crime. You can see these folks worked hard," said Sheriff Sooter.

Crimes like this are extremely rare in Craig County. It's been nine years since Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman, also known as the "Welch girls" disappeared only a few miles from the Huls house. That was the county's last homicide.

A neighbor says things like this don't happen in Craig County.

"No it doesn't. I've been here ten years and this is the first thing that's ever happened out here," said Nancy Shadbolt, neighbor.

Nancy Shadbolt says to call the Huls' neighborhood quiet is an understatement. She says she moved to the country to avoid situations like this and the double homicide has her rattled.

"It's kind of scary to be out here with this going on," said Shadbolt.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Craig County Sheriff's Department at (918) 256-6466.

No witnesses have come forward. So, unfortunately authorities don't have a suspect or vehicle description.