Osage Seared Salmon & Lemon Caper Sauce With Jalapeno Cheese Grits

Wednesday, May 21st 2008, 2:33 pm
By: News On 6

Salmon & Lemon Caper Sauce
4-6oz -8oz Filet of uncooked Salmon
¼ cup of minced red onion
¼ cup of diced tomato
¼ cup of capers
1 tablespoon of minced garlic
¼ cup of whole butter
5 oz of cooking oil-do Not use extra virgin olive oil...
Salt & Pepper
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
4 cups of heavy cream...

Heat 4 ounces of the cooking oil in a sauté pan First salt & pepper, then sear the salmon. Reduce heat to medium high and cook the salmon until firm. Set aside to rest.in a warmer.
In the sauté pan combine the butter & remaining oil and heat on high. Do not allow to smoke.
Ssaute the onions until they begin to sweat & become translucent. Add the diced tomatoes, capers & garlic.
Continue to sauté until the garlic & onion begin to caramelize.
Add the lemon juice and heavy cream. Reduce the heat and stir the sauce as it begins to reduce. When the sauce has reached a creamy, rich consistency remove form the heat and serve on the seared salmon.
Serve hot with Osage Jalapeno Cheese Grits and your favorite vegetable
Recipe yields Four servings

Osage Jalapeno Cheese Grits
6 oz of coarse ground corn meal or grits-do not use quick grits....
2 pints of heavy cream
12 oz of chicken broth
1/4 yellow onion-finely diced
2 oz of cream cheese
1 half jalapeno pepper-seeded & minced
1 ¼ cups of kernel corn
1tsp of cooking oil-do Not use extra virgin olive oil...
Salt & pepper

Saute the onion and jalapeno pepper in the cooking oil over medium heat. Add a light sprinkle of salt to sweat the onions. When the onions begin to become translucent transfer into a meduim pot or saucepan and add the chicken broth, heavy cream and corn. Bring just to a boil and slowly add the grits while stirring with a wire whisk. Reduce the heat to low and cook until the grits are almost done, then add the cream cheese, folding it into the mixture until completely incorporated. Add salt & pepper to taste.Serve hot.
Recipe yields four servings