Graduate Driving Toward A Bright Future

Saturday, May 10th 2008, 5:45 pm
By: News On 6

For Broken Arrow High School graduates, the biggest highlight of Rooster Days in Broken Arrow is Project Graduation. It gives the teens a chance to celebrate their new freedom safely with games, contests and prizes, while steering them away from drinking and driving.

As's Nicole Wiseman reports, one extra special giveaway had five students in particular excited, anxious and more nervous than they've ever been.

It's not everyday you get a chance to win a free car. But, for five Broken Arrow graduates, that's exactly what they're competing for.

"I'm really nervous, excited at the same time, just hoping I get the car. But, everyone here deserves it," said car giveaway contestant, Robert Bogert.

It's once again time for Project Graduation. At a school assembly the guys were randomly selected out of 1,000 for a chance to win a 2008 Pontiac G5, donated by Ferguson Superstore. One of them almost lost this once in a lifetime opportunity.

"I didn't want to go. I didn't even want to stay for the drawing because I didn't want to see who won it. And then, all of a sudden, they drew my name and I about had an aneurism," said car giveaway contestant, Bradyn Ledford.

Gathered at Central Park, the task at hand isn't hard. All they need to do is pick the right key that starts the engine.

"I'm really pumped, but excited at the same time. I'm kind of nervous, but hopefully I'll win it," said car giveaway contestant, Taylor York.

As anticipation and excitement grows, the hopefuls eye the car. They're probably imagining what they would look like driving away with the new set of wheels, knowing a new car would take them far after graduation.

"I want to have a decent car that doesn't break down on the road," said car giveaway contestant, Corbey Christian.

Each graduate hopes the key they've picked starts the car, but only one will leave with a new car.

"I'm the first one to go. So, they're going to be upset if it works out for me," said car giveaway contestant, Andrew Blankenship.

News On 6 Chief Meteorologist Travis Meyer was there and called the guys up one by one to give it a shot. Andrew, who was first to go, wasn't as lucky as he had hoped. But, the tension didn't last long. Corbey Christian was next up. With a turn of the key, he's a proud owner of a new car.

"My car is, I've put so much money into trying to keep it fixed. Right now it's at home, about to die. I needed another one really bad and this is going to help out. I appreciate it a lot," said car giveaway winner, Corbey Christian.

Corbey has a new car, to drive toward a bright future.

By Nicole Wiseman, and Kyle Dierking, Video Journalist.