Spamela Anderson Celebrates Birthday

Monday, April 28th 2008, 6:55 pm
By: News On 6

You've heard of Pamela Anderson. Well, News On 6's Rick Wells saw a story in Tulsa Pets Magazine about a pig named Spamela Anderson. You can't ignore something like that, or at least Rick can't. As it turns out, Spamela was once trained to do tricks like a dog, but now at 500 pounds, she does pretty much whatever she wants.

She's a pig and a big one.

"These are horse treats. She would eat dog biscuits; she would eat anything," said Spamela's Owner, Nancy Werhane.

Animal control picked up Spamela as an abandoned little piglet. She weighed five pounds when Nancy got her.

Nancy has trained her right along with her dogs. At one time she ran the agility course, the ramps, the weave poles, but not any more. She's too big, but she sill does some stuff like sitting on command.

Nancy's boyfriend, Jim, slapped the name on her.

"It's the first thing he said when thinking of naming her. You just can't pass up a name like that," said Nancy.

Mostly, now Spamela just hangs out and tags along.

Spamela's 6th birthday is this week and Nancy baked her a cake.

"I'm pretty sure a cake every now and then doesn't hurt her and at Thanksgiving and Christmas she gets pie," said Nancy.

We took the cake down to the barn and she ignored it, until she could mess it up a little. Spamela eats like a pig.

The life expectancy of most pigs is about 18 months, but because Spamela will never be "bacon" she will probably live in the neighborhood of 16 years.