Students Are Getting Weather Savvy

Saturday, April 26th 2008, 2:50 pm
By: News On 6

Students in Green Country are turning into "Weather Nuts" with the help of the new advanced weather section of The goal of this extended day program at Mayo Demonstration Academy is to allow each student to become the weather expert at his or her home.

The second through fourth graders that take part in this program are putting technology to use in a big way! They can even give a five day forecast. By using what's called a, "smart board" students are able to use our advanced weather section just like a real meteorologist.

This nine week program has turned into a huge success. It's all hands on. The students produce their own five-day forecast and read it over the intercom daily.

Now the graphics used during severe weather are more than just a whole lot of scary colors! They're able to identify each one and forecast when a weather event is heading into Green Country.

"There's like a greenish blue yellow and it's like in a blob. And you can go to the live radar and you can see which way it's coming. So, you know if it's coming towards Tulsa or if it's already past Tulsa," said student Joshua Smith.