Police Crack Down On Work Zone Speeding

Saturday, April 5th 2008, 7:28 pm
By: News On 6

Sapulpa police say too many people zone out when driving in work areas.  The News On 6's Jeffrey Smith reports they're going the extra mile to get drivers attention. 

Some may think Jeff Gilliland is a construction worker, but they're wrong and that's exactly the point.

"We need to quit gawking so much and start paying more attention to our driving habits," said Gilliland.

Gilliland is actually with the Sapulpa police.

Five of his officers spent Saturday afternoon catching speeders by dressing like road workers.

"And that's what it's all about, you get out here, you show a high presence in the zone, and you start seeing the speeds go down," said Gilliland.

Dozens of Oklahoma construction workers have been killed due to reckless driving.

"Next time they come through here, and they don't see the patrol cars out here, so they don't know if we're here or not. So that'll make them slow down when they come into the construction zone immediately," said Sapulpa Police Officer Fred Clark.

Through Gilliland's eyes, you see a lot of drivers just not paying attention.

"I was totally distracted. It was a cell phone call," said Jenks resident Joe Stie. "The cell phone was going off. And I was looking at the phone and not what was going on around me. And before I knew it I was in a construction zone."

Some drivers tell the officers it's a sneaky move.

"He goes, I can't believe you guys are stooping so low, and being so sneaky about this. And I said well, if it keeps one worker from getting killed or injured, call me sneaky," said Gilliland.

In Oklahoma speeding tickets are doubled in construction zones. So the minimum speeding ticket will run you $189. And they go all the way up to $500.  

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