High Water Headaches

Tuesday, March 18th 2008, 6:59 pm
By: News On 6

The rain caused flooding in several areas, mainly to the east and south of Tulsa.  In Broken Arrow, residents were on alert because of problems from past flash floods.  The News On 6's Emory Bryan reports the situation in Broken Arrow was enough to cause worry, but no damage.

The biggest problem from the heavy rain was a rash of minor accidents.   One car skidded off a slick road and ended up in a ditch, but the driver wasn't hurt.

It wasn't so much the rain causing problems directly, it was runoff that flooded low lying areas.  The creeks and ditches were filled and the overflow into neighborhoods was enough to surround  mailboxes.

The rain overwhelmed city storm sewers which made small whirlpools above the drains.  In places, gas meters were almost covered by the water.

On 209th East Avenue, ditches were backed up with branches blocking sewer pipes.  The city brought in equipment to pull out the limbs to get the water flowing again.

Fast moving water crossed several roads, prompting the city to post warning signs and temporarily close several key arterials.  Some people tried to make it through anyway and for the effort, one driver flooded out his car on 31st Street.

Overall, it was a heavy rain event that was on the verge of causing real problems, but in the end the water drained almost as quickly as it rose.

Meanwhile, flood waters threatened several homes in a neighborhood in southern Muskogee County.  They received five inches of rain and more in some places.

In Wagoner County, one driver found herself caught up in high water along Highway 16.  A Wagoner County Sheriff's Deputy had to rescue her.

And, in west Tulsa, Jason Threadgill was faced with water problems in his home.  Threadgill says recent rains have left hundreds of gallons of water underneath his house.  He's having to use water pumps to remove it.

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