Coburn Says McCain Best Person To Be The Next President

Saturday, February 16th 2008, 5:47 pm
By: News On 6

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn is back from Iraq and armed with ideas.  On Saturday, he shared them and weighed in on why he thinks Senator John McCain would be the best commander in chief.  The News On 6's Dan Bewley reports Senator Coburn wasted no time answering when asked if he's looking for the vice-presidential nomination.

For some, that answer might come as quite a surprise.

A town-hall style meeting was held for Senator Tom Coburn and his supporters. Coburn is four days removed from visiting Iraq. He admits the U.S. made mistakes early in the campaign, but says Iraq is back on the right course.

"If we continue what we're doing we will have accomplished our goal in a much shorter period of time, much shorter than what we would think right now," said Senator Coburn.

Coburn says he worries that if Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton win the White House and U.S. policy in Iraq would change, which leads him to the endorsement of fellow Senator John McCain for the Republican presidential nomination.

"I think there's two major problems facing this nation that all other problems pale in comparison. One is the battle with radical Islam and two is the financial future that we face if we don't have some strong to take on congress to correct it," said Senator Coburn.

Besides the McCain endorsement the senator's name keeps getting tossed about as a potential running mate for vice-president.

"My goal is to change the culture of the Senate," said Senator Coburn.

That's all he says he's focused on, saying seeking the Vice-Presidential nomination is not fair to Oklahomans.

When asked if he would turn it down?

"Yes," said Senator Coburn.

When asked absolutely?

"Yeah, I'm committed to what I'm doing and I'm obedient to what I think I'm called for," said Senator Coburn.

Coburn says he doesn't agree with everything Senator McCain supports, but says he is the best person for the presidency.