The FBI Says Heist Was An Inside Job

Friday, February 8th 2008, 12:09 am
By: News On 6

There are new indictments against three people accused of robbing the Bank of America in Catoosa in December.  News On 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright reports the heist looks like an inside job.

A seven page FBI affidavit says Alan Sitsler robbed the bank with a note after his girlfriend and her mom, who works at the bank, came up with the plan.  Two things helped lead to his arrest.  One was a Crimestoppers tip.  The other was the fact that he was spending cash all over town.

Records show Sandra Perry was working at the Bank of America in Catoosa.  Agents say she'd lost nearly $14,000 playing slots at the Cherokee Casino in the nine months leading up to the bank robbery.

Her daughter Summer was on federal probation for embezzling from her last job, which was also at a Bank of America branch.

Alan Sitsler was on probation for burglary.

The FBI says he walked into the bank and handed Sandra Perry a note that said, "I'm deaf, my friend is in the car with a police scanner and if you call the police I'll shoot everybody."  The note said he wanted $50,000.

Agents say Sandra showed the note to her boss.  As her boss was gathering money, agents say Sandra claimed the robber added a line that said if he didn't get the money in two minutes, he'd start shooting.

The manager grabbed $111,000 and threw it into a plastic tub.

When Sitsler left, agents say Sandra Perry wouldn't let the employees look out the door, claiming he'd also written he would shoot if they went to the doors.

After a tip came in that named the three, the pieces started falling into place.

A car dealer says Sitsler bought a truck and paid in cash, mostly with five and 10 dollar bills.  The dealer says Sitsler was also bragging about the big diamond ring he'd bought.

Agents say Sandra Perry's cut was $50,000 and her house was being remodeled.

They say Sitsler was so bold he even used the stolen cash to pay off his court fines at the Mayes County Courthouse.

Alan Sitsler was indicted last month.  Summer and Sandra Perry were indicted on Thursday, along with Summer's half-brother, who's accused of driving the get-away truck.