Using A Laser To Kick The Habit

Thursday, November 15th 2007, 11:46 am
By: News On 6

The Great American Smokeout was on Thursday. And, many smokers were vowing to kick the habit. There are a number of items from patches to pills which might help. The News On 6’s Latoya Silmon reports a Tulsa day spa is also offering a type of laser therapy to help smokers quit.

It's a habit that can be hard to break.

“It's more addicting than anything else that we have, more than heroin and cocaine, more than caffeine, I think,” said Dr. Ty Stansill of Tulsa..

But, Anne Bagby was determined to stop smoking.

“After 38 years of my husband griping at me, it finally got to me and probably just more health reasons to finally go ahead and take the plunge,” said quitting smoker, Anne Bagby.

She came to New Beginnings Laser Therapy to nix her fix. It's an alternative to pills and patches.

“We use a low-level laser and target the tender points, kind of like acupuncture, and it takes away the physical craving for nicotine,” said Katie Keiner with New Beginnings.

Anne Bagby began the treatment in September. She says since then she's picked up a few cigarettes, but found smoking to be a drag.

“They're right the craving is gone. Whenever you leave here and if you do try one, they don't taste the same,” said Anne Bagby, who’s quitting smoking.

Katie Keiner says Anne is just one of thousands New Beginnings has helped quit smoking since the spa opened three years ago. But, not everyone is convinced.

“It's always possible that this works. I'm not saying it doesn't work, but you need a study and I didn't find that when I was looking it up, but if you decide something is going to work it's going to work. We've proven time and time again that the placebo affect is huge,” said Dr. Ty Stansill.

Doctor Ty Stansill with Utica Park Clinic recommends traditional ways to stop smoking like counseling and prescription medication.

It's a route Anne bypassed and with no regrets. She says New Beginnings gave her a fresh start.

By the way, that fresh start costs $299. New Beginnings says it includes as many treatments as needed for six months.

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