Carjacked Woman Wants Her Vehicle Back

Thursday, October 18th 2007, 9:06 pm
By: News On 6

A woman who was carjacked at a carwash is relentless in her efforts to find her stolen Suburban. She braved the storms Wednesday night, searching for it. She continued her hunt on Thursday. News On 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright reports Connie Evans just bought the Suburban three months ago. Since it was paid off, she was only carrying liability insurance on it.

Connie Evans says she has seven kids at home and needed the larger vehicle to cart the family around, especially because they make frequent trips to a Texas hospital.

"He walked from this direction, so he probably lives in these apartments,” said carjacking victim Connie Evans.

The Tulsa woman is now on a mission to find her stolen SUV or the man who took it from her at gunpoint while she was at a Tulsa carwash.

Connie Evans fears the suspect took her vehicle to a chop shop, but if there’s a chance he was just looking for a joyride, she plans to keep looking for the SUV.

Connie and a man were at a car wash Wednesday, vacuuming, when they saw the man, walk near the fence and approach them. He first put a gun in her friend's back then pointed it at her.

"When he pulled the gun out from his back and pointed it at my face. He said give me your money, give me your billfold, kept saying give me your purse, give me your billfold,” said carjacking victim Connie Evans.

Her black Suburban had new chrome wheels and stereo. The front driver's side wheel hub has a dent and there's a red sticker on the back. But, It's not just the money or inconvenience that bother Connie Evans, there's an even bigger, more important reason she needs her car back.

She's so desperate to get it back because her twin, five-year-old boys were burned a couple of years ago. Her family has to make frequent trips to Texas to the Shriners hospital for help.

"I want my truck back, I want the guy. I want him to go to prison. I want to press it to the max, everything. He's going to go down. I know what he looks like and I'm going to find him," said carjacking victim Connie Evans.

In addition to the credit cards and checks that were in Connie's purse inside her truck, she also had social security cards stolen, hers and her children's. That should serve as a reminder that no one should ever carry a social security card in their purse or wallet. If a thief gets it, they own you.

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