Doctors Warn About Dangerous Staph Infection

Thursday, October 4th 2007, 6:00 am
By: News On 6

Doctors say cases of an antibiotic resistant staph infection are on the rise across eastern Oklahoma. MRSA, or Mersa, usually begins as a small, red bump that quickly spreads, and becomes irritated and infected.

Medical officials say MRSA is contagious, and is often spreads through groups that come in close contact, such as families and sports teams.

RayAnn Standingwater of Pryor was diagnosed with Mersa last week. RayAnn’s mother says the infection was sudden and unexpected.

"Got to be a big-red spot as big around as my fist, and hard, and I finally took her to the emergency room on Sunday morning, and they told me it was MRSA," says Nicole Standingwater.

Doctors say they are seeing more and more cases like this one.

"It seems like its almost been at a local epidemic proportions over the last couple of years, and it's become more and more of a problem," says Jason Lepak, M.D.

Doctors say making sure your kids wash their hands is the best way to avoid Mersa.

Watch the video: Staph Infection Warning