Big OU/TU Game Not Exactly A Heated Rivalry

Friday, September 21st 2007, 11:27 am
By: News On 6

The huge football game is finally here. Oklahoma is coming to town to battle the Tulsa Hurricane. News On 6 reporter Steve Berg reports the two sides actually like each other.
Nobody's saying that red, white, and blue don't go good together. We just didn't expect to find crimson-clad Alex Manering and true-blue Frank Deatherage grilling shoulder to shoulder in perfect harmony.

"Because we're normally in the oilfield and we just work together anyway," says Frank Deatherage.

"That's it. That's how it is," agrees Alex Manering.

But where there's smoke there's fire right? No, in this case, there's just Tulsa fan Larry Durham grilling some choice burgers for his Oklahoma buddies.

"We tried to do all TU fans and these guys wouldn't cooperate," explains Durham.

Janet Hummel even takes the teamwork trend a step further, sporting all the colors at once.

"I have one child that's graduated from OU and one that's graduated from TU. So I'm a loyal supporter of both schools," Janet Hummel tells the News On 6.

But does she care who wins?

"Well, I'm kind of undecided," says Janet Hummel.

David Bates isn't wearing a blue and gold or crimson and creme shirt. He's wearing a blue and orange combination. This Hurricane fan is just rubbing it in for last season's Fiesta Bowl upset including the colors of Boise State, who beat the Sooners.

"A lot of the OU fans don't want to remember this game and I figure it's nice to remember the last time a team beat 'em, because we're going to do it again today," says David Bates.

So there's a little feistyness with these fans after all.

"It's friendly right now, but what about after the game?" asks News On 6 Reporter Steve Berg.

"It'll still be friendly. We love 'em all. OSU, TU, OU. We love 'em all. As long as it's for the state," replies Larry Durham.

Watch the video: OU/TU Game Day