Hotel Takes Responsibility For Over Spray Incident

Friday, August 31st 2007, 5:24 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa hotel has announced it will repair vehicles damaged by over spray from renovation work at their hotel. The incident happened in July during the last days of the Pontiac Oakland Convention car show. Crowne Plaza announced Friday that it is taking responsibility for the spray paint, which damaged many vehicles at the show.

“Our insurance company has determined that part of the over spray was indeed due to the work being done on our property,” Marlin Keranen, General Manager of Crowne Plaza Hotel Tulsa said. “There is still an ongoing investigation into any other sources. Never the less, our insurance company will be taking responsibility to repair any car that was involved.”

Thousands of people from 40 states and Canada attended the 35th annual Pontiac Oakland Convention in downtown Tulsa. Marline Keranen says if your car was involved, you need to call David Anderson of Nationwide Auto Services at 972-243-8882 or fax your information and quote to him at 972-243-8554.

“We apologize for what happened to the cars that were affected,” Keranen said. “We want the owners to feel confident that we are taking the steps necessary to resolve the situation.”

Watch the video: Hotel Takes Responsibility For Damage To Show Cars

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