Flooding Puts A Damper On Some Campers' Plans

Tuesday, July 3rd 2007, 11:34 am
By: News On 6

Flooding is dampening Fourth of July holiday plans for many people who usually go camping at area lakes. Only one campground is open at Skiatook Lake. News On 6 anchor Lori Fullbright reports all others are closed because of high water.

You can't even get to the Tall Chief Cove campground because the road is closed. About all the road is good for right now is finding a sweet fishing spot.

The swimming beach is also closed because it is under water, as is part of the parking lot and most everything else.

Even if you could get to the picnic tables, there's a lot debris in the water, and it's not just twigs and sticks, it's big and dangerous.

Just last year, the same swim beach was closed but for a totally different reason. Last May, it was closed because of the drought that had the lake four and a half feet below normal.

Now, the lake is facing quite the opposite problem, but that is not stopping the Wilson family from Bixby. They still brought the grandkids out to do a little fishing and swimming.

"It's sad. We were here a week ago and that was full. Of course, it's gone now. Sad all this has happened, but you can't stop Mother Nature," said Betty Wilson.

There is only one campground on all of Skiatook Lake that is open and that is Twin Points, off Highway 20.

Some folks didn't get their first choice of campgrounds but didn't realize at the time, just how lucky that would turn out to be.

"I made reservations in May here because we couldn't get in Tall Chief Cove,” said Owasso resident Nova Beck. “It was already full because of the Fourth of July activities, so made reservations for here. Found out Tall Chief was closed, and I called and said is Twin Points still open, and they said yes."

They plan to make the best of whatever the weather and the lake levels throw at them.

The Army Corps of Engineers says people with reservations should've been notified by now if their campground is closed.

If you decide at the last minute to go camping, check first to make sure it’s open.

Watch the video: Several Area Campgrounds Closed Due To Flooding


Disclaimer: News release from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
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Information on Corps of Engineers lakes
June 30, 2007

TULSA, Okla. - The following information is based on rainfall that occurred as of 9:00 a.m. June 30, 2007. Any additional rainfall across the area could significantly change this forecast. Current information is available by calling reservoir information phone line 918-669-7512.
A number of Tulsa District reservoirs are expected to approach their flood pool capacity. The status of reportable reservoirs (25% or more into the flood pool) is included on one of attachments and information on recreation impacts is provided on the second. Some significant information by river basin follows:

Verdigris River Basin

Fall River is forecast to crest at 37.6 ft above normal (100% of flood pool) on 3 Jul
Toronto is forecast to crest at 31.1 feet above normal (120% of flood pool) on 3 Jul
Elk City is projected to crest at 35.5 feet above normal (128% of flood pool) on 2 Jul
Big Hill is expected to crest at 7.4 feet above normal (76% of flood pool) on 30 Jun
Hulah is forecast to crest at 33.7 feet above normal (100+% of flood pool) on 1 Jul
Copan is forecast to crest at 22.6 feet above normal (103% of flood pool) on 5 Jul
Upper Arkansas River Basin

Kaw Lake is forecast to crest at 31.1 ft above normal (100% of flood pool) on 3 Jul
Keystone is forecast to crest at 29.8 feet above normal (95% of flood pool) on 3 Jul
Canadian River Basin

Arcadia is approaching the crest of 12.0 feet above normal (42% of flood pool)
Eufaula is forecast to crest at 9.0 feet above normal (90% of flood pool) on 1 Jul
Red River Basin

Tom Steed is forecast to crest at 3.5 feet above normal (118% of flood pool) on 30 Jun
Waurika is forecast to crest at 13.2 feet above normal (125% of flood pool) on 1 Jul
Lake Texoma (Denison Dam) is forecast to crest at 17.1 feet above normal (78% of flood pool) on 8 Jul
Recreation Impacts

With rain continuing to fall, this list may be out of date. More campgrounds, beaches and parks are likely to be closed because of the continued wet weather.

Arcadia Lake

Arcadia is almost 12 feet above normal elevation.
Edmond city officials have announced complete closure of the recreation facilities at Arcadia Lake.
Most recreational facilities are currently under water, including the equestrian trail, bike trail, beaches, boat ramps, covered fishing dock, and courtesy docks.
Birch Lake

All campground areas and beaches are open (6 sites are closed)
Canton Lake

Sandy Cove Beach and the day use area are closed.
The Sandy Cove Campground has campsites affected and has been put on a reservation closure with NRRS until further notice. Campground will be closed to public access by Sunday afternoon.
Longdale Campground has 41 campsites affected and the sites are closed.
Canadian and Big Bend Campground have only a few sites affected by the rising elevation.
Two boat ramps that are now closed are located at Longdale Campground and Canadian Day Use. The remaining 5 ramps around the lake are being highly affected and we estimate that with the continuing rise of the lake level they may also be closed in the near future.
Chouteau/Newt Graham

Currently, all parks and facilities are open. Includes Afton Landing, Bluff Landing, Tullahassee Loop and primitive access points.
Copan Lake

Copan Point closed. All campgrounds open. (30 sites closed)
Eufaula Lake

Brooken Cove campground is closed. All other parks have numerous sites and loops closed.
All sites still available for camping are occupied through the holiday.
Fort Gibson Lake

Dam site - will remain open unless downstream releases reach or exceed +/- 60,000 cfs.
Wildwood - will be closed.
Taylor Ferry South - approximately 75% of the campsites will be closed due to high water or electricity shut down, some park roadways closed
BlueBill - 100% of the park will be closed
Rocky Point - approx 65% of the campsites will be closed due to high water or electricity shut down, some park roadways closed
Flat Rock - approx 50% of the campsites will be closed due to high water or electricity shut down, some park roadways closed
Wahoo Bay - 100% of the park will be closed.
Most primitive access points will be 100% closed.
Taylor Ferry North Beach and Rocky Point Beach will be 100% closed.
All Corps of Engineers maintained boat ramps will be 100% closed.
State Park Ramps will most likely be 100% closed as well but campers may contact them directly for confirmation. Sequoyah State Park (Western Hills) at 918-772-2046 or Sequoyah Bay State Park at 918-683-0878.
State Highway 80 from city of Hulbert to Ft Gibson Dam will be closed to through traffic.
Various county (gravel) roads around the lake will be closed to through traffic
Heyburn Lake

Sunset Bay Recreation Area is closed.
All swimming beaches are closed.
Heyburn Park and Sheppard Point have partial closures to recreation features such as access roads, campsites, and boat ramps.
Visitors should be aware that considerable amounts of drift and debris are being left behind as the lake retreats.
Kaw Lake

All parks are closed except Sandy Park below the dam.
Keystone Lake

All recreation areas and access points have been closed. This includes swimming beaches, boat ramps, campsites, etc.
Washington Irving is still open for limited recreational use (no camping vacancies).
Brush Creek campground below the dam is still open (no camping vacancies).
Appalachia Bay ORV/ATV area is now closed.
Whitewater Park below the dam remains open for ORV/ATV use. Availability of this area could change depending on future water releases from the dam. Considerable amounts of drift and debris are coming into the lake from the major river systems.
Boating is discouraged.
Water release from the Keystone Dam is currently 65,000 cfs. Obviously, this could change at anytime. We are encouraging visitors to exercise caution while recreating both on the lake and below the dam.
Oologah Lake

All beaches closed (Hawthorn and Spencer Creek).
All courtesy docks closed
Blue Creek boat ramp closed
2 campsites @ Hawthorn, 10 campsites at Blue Creek and 13 campsites at Spencer Creek closed
4th of July fireworks display has been canceled.
Skiatook Lake

Tall Chief Campground and beach closed.
All other parks open.
Fireworks show for July 3 canceled.
Tenkiller Lake

Not impacted by high waters but only a few non-electric sites are available, none near the water.
Webbers Falls

Electric and non-electric sites available.

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