Good Day For A Drive

Friday, June 29th 2007, 5:00 pm
By: News On 6

It’s American as apple pie and baseball, the Corvette was listed by Consumer Reports as one of the most influential vehicles of the last 50 years. Oklahoma Corvette owners gathered Friday for the 7th Drive Your Corvette to Work Day. The News On 6’s Rick Wells reports the Tulsa Vette Set gathered for coffee and conversation before heading off to work.

Just after sunrise on Friday morning some members of the Tulsa Vette Set lined up for coffee for the annual Drive Your Corvette to Work Day.

"It's the Friday closest to June 30th, that's kind of the birthday of the Corvette," said President of the Tulsa Vette Set Steve Plummer.

One thing you can expect to see at a gathering of Corvettes is the vanity plate; there are a lot of them.

"A lot of vanity plates on Corvettes, because we have a lot of vanity," Corvette owner Greg Cupples said.

A few examples from the Tulsa Vette Set include RUJELUS and GnGr1Me (Ginger won me). Ginger won her Corvette at the Cherokee Casino a couple of years ago; her husband Ed drove it Friday morning.

"I told her it needed gas, I get to drive it when it needs gas or washed," Ed Leisure said.

Ed Harrison’s daily driver is a 1958 Corvette, one of two in the club.

"People look at you, honk at you?" asked News On 6 reporter Rick Wells.

"Yeah, thumbs up always," said Corvette owner Ed Harrison.

If you’re gonna drive a 50 year old car everyday you gotta plan on some repairs. Harrison says a couple of paint jobs, three or four interiors…

"Three or four motors, rear ends transmissions, I work on it, I drive it," Harrison said.

He's one of several two corvette families in the club.

Friday was the 7th Drive your Corvette to Work Day created by Mid-America Motor Works to celebrate the love of the Corvette. It is a nationwide event so thousands will be doing this around the country.

If you're a Corvette owner looking for information, or just a wannabe, visit the club’s website,

Watch the video: Drive Your Corvette To Work Day