Saving On Groceries

Thursday, November 22nd 2007, 11:00 pm
By: News On 6

The rising cost of gasoline is having an affect on people’s budgets, especially at the grocery store. As the price of gas rises so too does the cost of groceries. Below are a few tips to keep your grocery bill in check.

  1. Always Shop With A Grocery List

    If you prepare a list of everything you need you are less likely to waste money on impulse items.

  2. Have A Budget

    When you go to the store, know exactly how much you can spend and keep a running tally as you shop to make sure you stick to that budget.

  3. Don't Waste Leftovers

    After dinner pack it up for lunch the next day, or plan a leftover night that way you are not wasting any food.

  4. Look For Specials

    Every store has specials. Be sure to look for them in the newspaper or in a store circular.

  5. Plan One Big Trip A Month For Bulk Staples

    Shop at discount bulk stores, like Sam’s, when you can. But make sure the items you buy can be used before they go bad. Buying in bulk then having the food items spoil does not save you any money.

  6. Try The Store Brands

    When you buy name brand products you are paying for all the advertising they do to entice you to buy their product. The store brand is typically made of the exact same ingredients and it’s much cheaper.

  7. When There's A Sale, Stock Up

    If an item you normally use goes on sale stock up, but don’t buy sale items just because they are on sale.

  8. Don’t Shop When You’re Hungry

    When you're hungry you’ll end of spending more money because you’ll be attracted to more expensive junk foods.

  9. Go Shopping When The Kids Are In School

    When you shop without the kids you will not be pestered to buy the junk food kids love, chips, candy, soda, etc.

  10. Drink Water

    Water is cheaper than other drinks, sodas, iced tea, Kool-aid. It’s also better for your health.